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The Shred Ready Zeta Helmet

  We tested out the Zeta from Shred Ready. This helmet was designed for water sports and time spent under the sun. The Zeta melts the style of sports with the tech of energy management foams and key features on a easy to use platform.  This helmet has reactive foams to provide needed protection. The foam is soft and comfortable in a normal state, but when impacted it transforms and directs energy away from users head, achieving both comfort and protection in one material.There are some solid features as well. A single hand adjustable lock  and lacing system sits at the back of the helmet and provides a secure fit. A smart strap configuration adds overall comfort and stability followed by strap adjusters with some new flavor. There...

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The Best Sunglasses for Watersports

Our Seafarer sunglasses were designed for water sports. They feature a number of elements that make them ideal for wearing on the water. First they have floating frames. The floating frames are made from a light plastic. The material provides enough flotation to make them rise to the surface in salt and fresh water. Second they have a removable strap. This clip on strap allows for the sunglasses to be worn during more intense sports. The strap is adjustable and was designed to be subtle and comfortable. The soft rubber nose was engineered to reduce pressure and create the most comfortable experience possible. Also, the rubber nose provides more grip so that the sunglasses stay in place.Polarized lenses block harmful rays and...

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Action Camera Accessories for Water Sports

The action camera was inspired by surfing and has always been an action camera designed for water sports. Here we will run through action camera accessories for water sports. These apply for any action camera in and around the water of course. The Adhesive Float Mounts break and people fumble. For when your camera falls into the water you're going to need a float fixed to the unit itself. For the action camera it comes as a adhesive rectangle of orange foam. This is perfect for spotting the little guy as well. Unfortunately for versions 5 and newer this means covering up the screen, but, it’s worth it. The Float Handle This is a standard and definitely a must have...

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The Salus Eclipse

Not all life jackets work for kiteboarding. Most get in the way of the waist harness and can be uncomfortable to ride with. It’s important to pick one up if you want to kite in harsh conditions and want extra safety.  The Salus Eclipse Buoyancy Aid is a minimal vest with a pull over design. It fastens with a side zipper and buckle. There is a grip lining as well to keep it from riding up. Made from neoprene and nylon it's good quality and comfortable to wear. It features a chest zip pocket that can hold any essential items. The design offers a full range of motion and does not get in the way of the harness.  We tested this out while kiteboarding...

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