Action Camera Accessories for Water Sports

The action camera was inspired by surfing and has always been an action camera designed for water sports. Here we will run through action camera accessories for water sports. These apply for any action camera in and around the water of course.

The Adhesive Float

Mounts break and people fumble. For when your camera falls into the water you're going to need a float fixed to the unit itself. For the action camera it comes as a adhesive rectangle of orange foam. This is perfect for spotting the little guy as well. Unfortunately for versions 5 and newer this means covering up the screen, but, it’s worth it.

The Float Handle

This is a standard and definitely a must have action camera accessories for water sports. It’s perfect for filming yourself or others. It floats. It’s easy to see. It’s cheap. You can take it snorkeling with you or film others catching a wave.

A Dome

The dome is a unique accessory and you can capture some stunning footage with it. The enlarged lens surface means you can get both what’s above the water and what’s below in the same image. It’s a bit big to pack just for this one purpose but it’s the only way to get those shots.

The String Tether

If you’re doing huge moves or surfing big waves, you’re going to want a tether. Even with the float attached you can save a ton of time searching the waters for the orange dot. A little string tether isn't too much hassle and if it can potentially save you a 500 dollar camera then it’s worth it.

Dive Housing

If you’re rocking an action camera that isn't rated for the depths you should pick up a dive housing. Wouldn’t want to forget this one and flood the camera. Salt water and camera internals do not get along.