All Black Kiteboarding Kites

The Seafarer Stealth is a line of all black kiteboarding kites. The design aesthetics affect the function and performance of the kite. Cost and product longevity were also considered in the design process. 

To create complicated designs on kites more stitching and printing is needed. This ends up adding up. We wanted the Seafarer kite to be as light as possible to perform better across a wider range of wind. Also managing to keep the price low for our customers having a simple design required less initial cost and unit cost. 

The stark aesthetics were also chosen to be a timeless design. Kites can survive for years and an all black kiteboarding kite will always be in style. These kites also come with our utility all black duffel backpack. The bag draws the same functional and timeless inspiration we put into the kites. Check out our product page for more details.