The Best Kiteboarding Accessories

Kiteboarding is one of the most fun activities out there. Here we put together our pick of the best accessories for kiteboarding to make your next kite session even more fun.

1. An Action Camera

Strap an action camera to your board, your kite, or your head. Capture your session and tricks to share online or at home. This is the most expensive on the list but it packs some pretty amazing tech in a small unit. Make sure you put the flotation attachment on so you don't lose it if a mount breaks.

2. Sunglasses

Grab some of our water shades designed for water sports. They come with a strap and they float so you won't lose them. All pairs have polarized lenses to reduce glare out on the water so you can last longer. They also come with a protective hard case perfect for tossing in your gear bag at the end of a session or keeping some valuables in while you’re out on the water.

3. A Kiteboarding Session Tracker

These meters attach to your board and give you an accurate recording of your session. Perhaps the most popular feature is the jump height recorder. This really helps you know how high you’re boosting so you can try and improve and compete. It’s really hard to know without it. You also get to post your scores on leader boards and compare and compete with others in the area and around the world. Other data you get includes your path and session times. 

4. Anemometer Wind Meter

Knowing how much wind there is and which kite to pump up is not the easiest. If you toss an anemometer in your bag then it takes all the guessing out of it. Not only do they give you an accurate wind reading but can also tell you things like how big the gusts are. These can save you the time and grief of pumping up the wrong kite and having a bad session.

5. A Life Jacket

Life jackets can be difficult to find for kiteboarding since most normal vests get in the way of the harness and can be uncomfortable. It’s important to pick one up if you want to kite in harsh conditions and want extra safety or if it’s the law. Read our other post about the best life jackets for kiteboarding.