Best Action Camera Mounts for Kiteboarding

Capturing your session out on the water to save and share can be fun or frustrating. It sucks when you throw down a personal best and find out that your camera wasn’t framed right or was too shaky to catch the footage. A big part of filming any extreme sport is using action cameras and where to put them. Here we’ll be running through our best action camera mounts for kiteboarding and kitesurfing.

Board Mounts    

This is definitely one of the best action camera mounts for kiteboarding. Put the mount on your toe side corner of the board or right in the middle. You’ll get an awesome angle that bring you right into the action. It’s easy to bend down and turn it on or off and adjust the angle too.

String Mount

This can turn out some of the best footage but is also the most hassle. It can tangle up your lines a bit and weigh them down. But you get and awesome downward looking view that captures all. You also get to see the waves you make shredding and the splashed you make bailing perfectly.

Bar Mount

This is like an easier more controllable string mount but the angle isn’t quite as good. It bring the downward facing shot a little close so you won't be able to see as much in the footage. The control can make up for it though. It puts the camera right where your hands are so you can switch it on right before your big moves. Bonus angle: You can just turn the camera around to get a view of working the kite for some shot variance.

Kite Mount

This can be really cool. It takes the downward shot way out. You’ll only be an ant in the footage but you can show of the landscape with the corners of your kite on the edges.

Head Mount

The head mount is a classic that can be used for almost anything. Get a unique angle of controlling the bar or stroking the flat water with your hands. It might get knocked off if you go down hard though.

Mouth Mount

This is becoming more popular. It’s quite similar to the head mount but you hold it down with your teeth.

No matter where you put the action camera you should put a float attachment on it. Any mount can break off even if you have a safety string attached, you’re always better off with a float as well.