How long does it take to learn Kiteboarding?

This is something that is obviously different for everyone. Some people can get up riding on their board in the first day but for others it takes weeks. An estimate average is 5 days of practice to get up on the board riding. It really helps if these are back to back so you can retain the lessons already learnt more easily. Lessons are a great way to learn faster because you’ll save a bunch of energy not having to walk back up wind for every body drag or boarding attempt.

Luckily one of the best things about kiteboarding is that every step of learning us fun. Trying the test kite for the first time and feeling the power of the wind is really exciting. Then, strapping on a harness and feeling the power behind a full sized kite. Jumping in the water next and applying that power and body dragging. And finally putting the board on your feet and going for it. It’s a great challenge that pushes your comfort zones quickly. Before you know it you’ll be up on your feet and trying to beat your personal bests.

People are often surprised at how fast they learn the sport. I think it’s because it’s easier than it looks and the process is so rewarding.