The Shred Ready Zeta Helmet


We tested out the Zeta from Shred Ready. This helmet was designed for water sports and time spent under the sun. The Zeta melts the style of sports with the tech of energy management foams and key features on a easy to use platform. 

This helmet has reactive foams to provide needed protection. The foam is soft and comfortable in a normal state, but when impacted it transforms and directs energy away from users head, achieving both comfort and protection in one material.

There are some solid features as well. A single hand adjustable lock  and lacing system sits at the back of the helmet and provides a secure fit. A smart strap configuration adds overall comfort and stability followed by strap adjusters with some new flavor. There is also added protection around the temple area with new guards and light deflection paint under the brim to reduce glare. All of these create a better ride while keeping the helmet simple and easy to use.

 Overall this is a great bucket for a shred. It manages to keep to safe from impact and blocks the sun from your eyes. All while looking the part.