What Equipment do you need to Kiteboard?

This is a list for those interested in learning kiteboarding. We will cover the essential equipment you need to kiteboard. 

1. A Kite

The kite is what gives you lift. Most kiteboarders have more than one kite for different wind or conditions. For example a common kite combination would be a 9 meter and a 12 meter kite. This refers to the area of the kite. There are different kinds of kites including inflatable edge kites and ram air kites. A pump is needed to setup an inflatable kite. If you're learning a trainer kite can be important as well. 

2. Bar and Lines

The bar and lines are what control the kite. They are packaged together and most configurations are universal and fit most other kites. 

3. Board and Bindings

The board lets you ride the water. The most common board setup to kiteboard in North America is the twin tip board with straps. You can also go with boots if you're looking to freestyle. Other boards include a surf style board for waves and cruising, a foil board for gliding and light wind, and a race board for speed demons.

4. Harness

The harness sits around your waist or seat and is an anchor point for your bar and lines. A waist harness is the most popular but a seat harness is used often by instructors because it's a good option for beginners.

Other equipment that is optional includes: a wetsuit, a life jacket, a tether, some sunglasses, and boardshorts