Seafarer Watersports Surf Sunglasses
Seafarer Watersports Surf Sunglasses
Seafarer Watersports Surf Sunglasses
Seafarer Watersports Surf Sunglasses

Seafarer Watersports Surf Sunglasses

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The Seafarer Sunglasses were designed for watersports. The lenses are polarized and water-repellent to reduce glare on the water. An adjustable strap comes installed.

A microfiber bag and a hard-plastic case are included to protect the sunglasses when not in use.


polarized lenses reduce glare on the water


water-repellent and scratch resistant lenses


injected polycarbonate frames are light and comfortable


if you break them we replace them


venting frame design reduces fogging


protect your sunglasses in the most extreme cases

Floating Frames

The floating frames are made from a light plastic. The material provides enough flotation to make them rise to the surface in salt and fresh water.

Lens Technology

Polarized lenses block harmful rays and reduce glare on the water. A treated layer repels water to stay clear when you need them to be. Made from thick polycarbonate, they are safe from impact. These lenses are crystal clear out on the water.

The soft rubber nose was engineered to reduce pressure and create the most comfortable experience possible.

The rubber also adds grip so that they will stay in position during the most intense moves.

Removable Strap

The removable strap allows for the sunglasses to be worn during extreme sports. The strap is adjustable and was designed to be subtle and comfortable.

A microfiber pouch keeps your shades safe in the box and can be used to clean the lenses.

Seafarer Safe Case

The Safe Case will keep your sunglasses safe in the most extreme conditions. It is made from clear hard plastic and is watertight. It can also house other items while you are out on the water. Includes a microfiber pouch.

On The Water

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Seafarers in Action

The Seafarer Sunglasses were designed for an active lifestyle on the water.